Mountain Report: Special Edition

2.5.14Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yeah, yeah, we know: You know that we know exactly where to find our happy place. As much as we love our catch phrase, we’ve decided to go a day without. Just to prove that we can. Like that time we went a month without beer. Well, we didn’t actually do that, but you get the idea. Slogans and mottos are for the birds. 

Every day is a bluebird day at Sunday River, but today is one for the books. The beast of the East may be breathing cold smoke, but at Sunday River, the name says it all. With 12 inches of Prosecco (not to be confused with champagne) powder in the past 24 hours, we’re not exactly roughing it today. Escape the outside world, become unbound, and ski it if you can. We have the greatest snow on planet Earth and we’ve got 119 trails open for skiers.

It’s not pure Vermont and it’s definitely not the largest ski area in New Hampshire, but it’s alpine skiing and riding, the way it should be: at a higher level. It’s altitude without the attitude. It’s the best skiing in the East, whether it snows or not, and lucky for us, it has SNOWED. So on this glorious Thursday, we’ve got eight peaks and infinite fun. Rumor has it that there’s heavenly snow on Spruce today, so why not ditch work and sneak to the peak? You might relive new moments. (Whatever that means.) You’ll definitely be privy to Maine’s authentic skiing and riding experience.

And if only you knew that that a world-class resort doesn’t have to come at world-class prices: Presidents’ Week ski and stays start at just $139 per person, per night. These packages include lessons, so you can be better here. It’s bigger than a mountain. Let’s be honest: Skiing has a soul, and this is where it lives.

Stay forever wild,

Team Snow