10 Questions of Varying Relevance with DJ Maryalice

DJ Maryalice HeadshotThe White Out Weekend American Pride Peak Party is the party of the year. This party includes a Chondola ride to our mid-mountain Peak Lodge, where you will party with DJ Maryalice dressed in your best American Pride gear. Billboard magazine dance music reporter and nightclub DJ Maryalice has been spinning her signature upbeat and energetic sound for three decades. Resident DJ and Vibe Manager at the Boatslip Resort in Provincetown, Massachusetts, since 1994, Maryalice seamlessly blends progressive and disco house, tribal, and top 40 dance music for thousands of avid club goers at that resort’s legendary afternoon Tea Dance. Her resume reads like a who’s who of Boston nightclubs: Gertrude’s, Indigo, Bobbie’s Place, Avalon, the 1270, Chaps, and Buzz, just to name a few. She has also held spots on the rosters of national events in DC, Columbus, Detroit, Miami, and Palm Springs.

So, we decided to ask a few questions:

Where do you call home at the moment?

Home is in Dorchester, just outside of Boston proper.

Are you an avid Olympics watcher?

I don’t think I am an avid watcher, but I do like the skiing, the skating, and of course, the curling.

If you were an Olympic athlete, which sport would you own?

Ha! That’s a funny one… Do they have bench warmers?

We hear that you began DJing on a dare. Did you have any experience (any at all) before that?

That depends. Does playing the stereo at home count? I thought it did.

Does that also mean that you can’t resist a dare?

You have to put it in context. You see, when I was “a little” younger, I didn’t think that there was anything I couldn’t do or survive. Now, I know better. But hey, it’s not like it was brain surgery or rocket science. No lives were going to be lost if I messed up… okay, okay, maybe a buzz could have been killed.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done on the snow?

Skied with a wig on. Lame, right?

Which beat currently tops your iTunes “most played” list?

I had to look. “Leaving” by Pet Shop Boys. Whew! Glad it wasn’t the Partridge Family. I would have lost all credibility. In my DJ software, it’s a tie between “When Love Takes Over” [by David Guetta] and [Rihanna’s] “We Found Love.” I wouldn’t have guessed any of them.

Do you have any crazy red, white, and blue outfits up your sleeve for the WOW! Party?

I’m still working on that. I’m feeling a little figure skating number, but that ride up in the Chondola might be chilly.

What do you love about Sunday River’s White Out Weekend?

Mainly, Sunday River! It’s our favorite place to ski. The cool thing is that the [White Out] Weekend has encouraged friends of ours to come up, rent houses, experience a place that we love to ski, and go to an awesome party at the top of the mountain!

So, cats, huh?





*This story appeared in Sunday River This Winter. For more stories, pick up a free copy on stands now.