Some Internships are Better Than Others

It has been quite the journey since the start of my internship here at Sunday River. I should probably fill you in on how I ended up here at this happy place. I’m currently a graduating senior at the University of Maine at Farmington, where I’m studying Outdoor Recreation Business Administration.  I was beyond pumped when I heard the news of an opportunity to become an intern at Sunday River this winter. Little did I know that the position needing to be filled was the part-time snow reporter position. It was like a dream that came true. Ever since I started skiing back in high school, I’ve always admired the job tasks of a snow reporter. It’s pretty much the ultimate college ski-bum job, for which I feel I’m fully qualified (currently on day 50 this season). Besides the early, early morning drives (5:25 a.m. to be exact) into Sunday River from school, there’s not much to complain about! 

I’m not at all a coffee drinker, but after my first couple of days of on the job, I started to regret my dislike for coffee. See, I’m here bright and early to inform you, the readers at home, of the most up-to-date information and current conditions so that you can be acquainted with what‘s happening around the resort. My typical morning starts with me scoping out the resort for the ultimate morning cam shot before heading into the office to start compiling the Mountain Report–the sun and some freshly laid groomers help enhance my morning shot. After speaking with Ski Patrol about the ideal trails to shred for first tracks, it’s time to update the Mountain Report web page and make sure all of the information is reflected accurately. The next thing on my mind is usually food, so I head down to the South Ridge Food Court, where I typically order a River Rise (bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin). Orange juice substitutes my morning coffee. After finishing my quick breakfast, it’s time to get geared up and hit the slopes.


While I’m out shredding on all eight peaks, there are some required job responsibilities to be completed. First of all, I become familiar with the overall conditions out on the hills, so that I can accurately describe how it feels to lay down a fat carve on some grippy corduroy.  Next on the agenda is the Photo of the Day. I’m usually chillin’ at the bottom of a steep headwall, trying to capture a photo of one of our guests discovering their #happyplacefound. You can usually tell when this moment occurs because their smiles extend from ear to ear. Once I feel that a worthy moment has been captured, I make my way to an all-mountain meeting where representatives of each department fill each other in on what’s happening in their worlds. After picking their brains for information to be used in the afternoon update, it’s time to head back to the office and wrap up my work day.


There have been way too many highlights to note from my time interning at Sunday River, but here are a few key moments:

Red Bull Frozen Rush

I got to be a part of one of the biggest and fastest events ever to be held at Sunday River. Red Bull partnered with us to create the world’s first-ever off-road truck racing course on snow! The event took place over College Week, and featured eight of the best drivers in the world. All around the country, viewers were able to watch the event on the big screen on Superbowl Sunday on NBC.

Observing the “Video of the Week” Being Filmed

Watching the production of the Video of the Week has always been quite the bonus to my day. First of all, we get out on the slopes before anyone else and pull off some fine videography on freshly laid corduroy (I’m not complaining, that’s for sure). This was also a great time for me to boost my photo taking abilities.

Learning to take Powder Shots with Shelley

Last powder day, Shelley, our social media girl, took me out on the hills to experience shooting photos in some deep powder. I had a great time and received some great pointers on shooting photos. You can see all of her tricks and tips for taking the perfect photo here.

I’ll be honest, though:  This is my first year skiing here at Sunday River. I’m a pretty dedicated Sugarloafer (please don’t hate), but Sunday River has exceeded my expectations fully. The groomers here are pristine and there are plenty of glades and natural terrain to explore. It sure does look like I’ll be spending much more time at the River.

Hope to see you out there!