Team Snow’s Favorite “Maple-y Stuff”

I feel like a lot of the great maple products of our day are, actually, meat. Which is awesome, if you’re a carnivore (or, more likely, an omnivore), but I’m an herbivore, so… maple burgers and maple-glazed ham don’t really do it for me. For the record, I love people who love meat. Eat so much meat. Go to the Foggy Goggle and get that maple burger (I hear it’s quite good). I may exist (mostly) on lentils, portobellos, and bananas, but I’m nothing if not a fan of flavor (maple, in particular), so, to help kick off Maine Maple Weekend at Sunday River, I present you with my top three all-time favorite maple-tinged foodstuffs. Also, I wish that I could include one of the many maple beers my research yielded, like this one, on my list, but I haven’t had the good fortune of tasting them. Yet. Let us know if you have!

Okay, commence listing:

3. MB. Not maple bacon. If I ate bacon, I am sure that bacon of the maplesuasion would be amasion, but, alas, my No. 3 is another MB: maple BUTTER. If you have not yet visited Camp, do so. Grab a table for dinner (call ahead) and order anything, because cornbread and maple butter, made with Sunday River’s own maple syrup, come standard with the place settings, and they’re worth their weight in [liquid] gold.

2. Maple banana steel-cut oats. If you were previously unaware that maple and banana complement each other brilliantly, you’re now officially in the know. What I do here is cook up some steel-cut oats, chuck in a little butter, soy milk, a sliced banana, walnuts, maple syrup, and some cinnamon. If you’re feeling extra health-conscious, add flaxseeds. It’s a pretty awesome way to start any morning, and it’ll give you plenty of energy with which to hit the slopes.

1. Maple nut ice cream. I worked at a family-owned ice cream shop while I was in college, where all of the ice cream flavors were made on the premises, in a teeny-tiny kitchen out the back. No artificial colors, no artificial flavors. Anyway, I proffer that maple nut, which is similar to butter pecan (but with maple, and usually walnuts), is one of the most underrated ice cream flavors. Apparently, Camp is also dishing out special maple nut ice cream sandwiches this weekend. I highly recommend this course of action.

A few other members of Team Snow, who have varied dietary preferences and restrictions (ranging from gluten- and dairy-free to, well, none) also weighed in with their top “maple-y stuff.”


3. Maple Frosted/Glazed Donuts. Not big on sweets, but these are pretty great and I could probably use the calories. Cider donuts are also up there. Seems relevant.

2. Maple Sausage. Call me crazy, but I’m not obsessed with bacon like the rest of the world.

1. Maple Syrup. Especially Sunday River’s own, of course. Drown your pancakes, French toast, and waffles. It’s the real stuff and it’s good.


3. Sunday River maple syrup on just about anything, but homemade blueberry pancakes are my favorite because then you can mop up the blueberry-infused maple with the required side of bacon.

2. The maple butter and cornbread muffins from Camp.

1. Maple Burger, Foggy Goggle. It’s delicious, ‘nuff said.

For more info on how Sunday River is celebrating Maine Maple Weekend, visit our events page.