Prepping for the North American Wife Carrying Championship: Tips from the Pros

The North American Wife Carrying Championship at Sunday River is quite possibly our most unique event at Sunday River. I mean, who else encourages men to sling their lady counterparts over their shoulders in a head-to-head obstacle race? No one. (You know, besides the Finnish founders of the sport).

But couples won’t claim the coveted prizes—the wife’s weight in beer, five times her weight in cash, and entry into the World Championship in Finland the following year—without any pre-race prep, which is where Caroline and Brent come in. As the masterminds behind all of our events, they are a double-dose of Mr. Miyagi for your wife carrying tutelage. Watch, learn, and feel free to follow along at home.

How To: North American Wife Carrying Championship from Sunday River on Vimeo.

Note: Because this competition is open to non-couples, these maneuvers may be extremely uncomfortable if you are in the friend zone, broke up after registering, or work together. (Sorry Brent.)