2016 Best of Bethel Awards

What better way to show our appreciation for the community surrounding Sunday River than shouting their praises from the actual mountain tops?  In its six year run, the Best of Bethel Awards have pitted our beloved shops, restaurants, and citizens against one another in a battle royal to be named the cream of the crop.

Want to have a say in all of this? Of course you do—it’s the BOBs! Cast your votes for the following 25 categories before January 18, and we’ll publish the results (and some of the funniest responses) in our February 2016 of Sunday River This Winter.

Just a couple things to remember: There’s a beloved bearded bartender at nearly every bar in town, so be as specific as possible. Names are great for that! We’ll also know if you’re stuffing the ballot box, and that’s not cool. You’ve been warned.

  1. Best Breakfast
  2. Best Cup o’ Joe
  3. Best Lunch Spot
  4. Best Bar–Après Ski
  5. Best Bar–Late Night
  6. Best Beer Selection
  7. Best Bloody Mary
  8. Best Specialty Cocktail
  9. Best Bar Menu
  10. Best Pizza
  11. Best Wings
  12. Best Nachos
  13. Best Burger
  14. Best Place to Splurge on a Meal
  15. Best Cheap Eats
  16. Best Food on the Run
  17. Best Bartender
  18. Best Waiter/Waitress
  19. Best Local Shop
  20. Best First Run of the Day
  21. Best Bump Run
  22. Best Glade
  23. Best (Most Favorite) Peak
  24. Best Winter Hike
  25. Best Spring Deck Scene