Goodbye, Parrothead… Hello, Spring Festival!

Parrothead is dead.

Ok. That was maybe a tad bit dramatic.

But the annual Jimmy Buffet-worshipping, margarita-sipping, goggle-tanning weekend extraordinaire is getting a new name, teaming up with another classic springtime event, and embracing the tropical vibe we know and love from Parrothead Festivals of days-gone-by. Since there’s so much going on for Spring Festival weekend, April 1-3, it can be a little tough to bring all the right gear. Here’s my guide to a wacky weekend of mirthful merriment:

Trash bags: to minimize friction and maximize speed during the Slip and Flip, a slip ‘n’ slide/flip cup hybrid event that’s sure to get you giggling. Sixteen teams, consisting of 5 teammates each, will compete in a single elimination competition starting at 1PM; registration can be found online and entry into the competition is $15. All proceeds will go to the Sunday River Community Fund, so don your trash bag proudly—whether you slide like a dud or slip your way to victory, it’s all for a good cause.

Your good judgment: While we expect that you’ll be on your best behavior, what we really need is for you to judge the best of the best tequila cocktails in the Margarita Mix Off, shaken to perfection by the mixologists of the Sunday River region. Samples are only $1 each; the mix-off begins at 3PM.

An athletic stance: Love to surf, but don’t want to go swimming in April? No problem! Test your skills without even stepping in the water on our mechanical surfboard any time between noon and 5PM.

Solid strategy: for the Key Lime Pie Eating Contest.  Are you a face-plopper? An edge-nibbler? An inside-outer? A dumper? A flipper? All pies are made and delivered fresh from Valley View Orchard, a family-owned business in Hebron, Maine. Registration starts at 11am in the White Cap base area and the actual contest starts at noon. Practice makes perfect, so… margs and pie, anyone?

Your best dance moves: We’ve lined up live music to shake your booty to from noon all the way to 6PM—bands like The Boat Drunks, the PanNeaubian Steel, and the Maine Marimba Ensemble. We recommend stretching before you get here. It’s gonna get real.

Spring skis: Because ultimately, Parrothead is about the music, the sunshine, and the corn snow. Extra points if you rock jorts (jean shorts) and a tank top on the slopes.

Your ID: With margaritas galore, the Shipyard Brew Pub in the White Cap Lodge, and games like Slip and Flip happening, it’s probably a good idea to bring your ID along. Drink responsibly. Have fun!

Ibuprofen: for the inevitable Pain Killer headache. Those things are sweet, strong, and full of punch (literally), so suck down a few in moderation, knowing you’re prepared for the next morning.

Discerning taste: for the Eat the Heat Chili Cookoff. $1 chili from the hottest chefs around? That should warm things up in true Spring Festival form. Be prepared to have a hard time picking just one winner.

A cowbell: to cheer on your favorite firefighters during our annual Firefighters Race to raise money for the Sunday River Community Fund. Firefighters skiing for a cause…can you say HOT?

Perfect adherence to my packing list will guarantee a good time. Although… really… it’s nearly impossible to not have a good time at Spring Festival, regardless of what you pack. Cheers to that!