A Visit from the Snowmakers

‘Twas two days into fall, when high on Sunday River,
The snowmakers were scheming with a smile and a shiver.
The snowguns all  lined the trail sides with care
in hopes that Ma Nature would keep cooling the air.


On Friday, no snowmakers were snug in their beds
While visions of powder days danced in their heads.
They cranked up the guns and turned on the power
So, by Saturday morning, we’d see a snow shower.

Snowguns on Lower Downdraft trail

When out on Lower Downdraft, there arose such a sound;
Snowguns were spraying frozen treats on the ground.
But knowing that the sun would bring warm temps aplenty,
Only ten guns were tested, the rest staying empty.


With the snowmaking test complete, we can say,
We’re not too far off from Sunday River’s opening day.
All we need is cold weather to stay through the night
And we’ll make snow on Aurora with all of our might.

Merry snowmaking test to all, and to all, a cold night!

Sunday River Snowmaking Test 2016 from Sunday River on Vimeo.