7 Ways to Nail Your Ski-Themed Halloween Costume

October 31 sneaks up on me every year. And no matter how hard I try to plan a costume in advance, I always wind up as the fourteenth Where’s Waldo at the party. You can kill two birds with one stone and get pumped for ski season (Sunday River typically opens on or around Halloween, you know), and have a pretty spectacular costume.

Everyone loves to hate Jerry. Made popular by Jerry of the Day, this costume is as easy as it comes. Wear your goggles upside down, tuck your jeans into your ski boots, and rock a fanny pack. Bonus points if you attach six GoPros to your helmet.


The Park Rat
Got some oversized clothes? Excellent. Wear your baggiest sweatshirt, reminiscent of a tall tee, a slouchy beanie, massive goggles, and carry around extra-short poles. Be sure to yell things like “dropping,” “send it,” and to brag about the gnarly double McRib 790 you just slayed.


The Racer
Step one: wriggle into a GS suit. Step two: go to the party. Literally, that’s all you have to do. No one questions that much spandex.


It seems like everyone has a vintage one-piece lying around these days, but what really takes this costume to the next level is a pair of neon Pit Vipers with the accompanying PV tan. Styling your hair as if it’s been blowing in the wind as you hop-turn on straight skis doesn’t hurt either.


Glen Plake
The iconic extra-long mohawk is enough to channel this skiing legend. He’s been around so long that whatever outerwear you choose to pair with the hairdo will suffice.


Eddy the Yeti
Our friendly mascot can be quite scary to some, and a huggable gentle giant to others. Put on your best white snuggy or furry onesie, dye your hair white, and get creative with some face paint.


And when all else fails…there’s always Ken Bone. He totally skis in khakis.

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Happy Halloween from Sunday River!