Get Fit for Winter

We can’t all be Olympic athletes with quads and glutes of steel, ready to take on anything the mountain has to throw at us at any time of year. Nope. Some of us need to be lazy, sugar-loving exercise-phobes who like to hit the slopes just about as much as we like to hit the bar for a Bloody Mary if it’s too cold.

But there is something to be said for getting in ski shape and not feeling like you have Gumby legs after one run on early season snow. And because I fall into that lazy category, here are exercise plans created by more ambitious folks (who honestly are much more qualified to tell you how to work out.)

U.S. Ski Team’s 5 Essential Ski Training Exercises via SnoCountry
If this doesn’t epitomize #goals, I don’t know what does. 


Train Eccentric Leg Strength For Alpine Skiing via Backcountry
When you’re feeling the burn, picture this. 

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5 Preseason Cross-Training Alternatives for Skiers via GrindTV
For when you vehemently oppose stepping into a gym. 


Procrastinator’s Fitness Guide via Ski Magazine
What we’ve been doing all year vs. what we should be doing all year. 


Beginner Snowboard Workout via Pro-Ride Camps
Same slope, different sport. Work your body wisely. 


6 Yoga Exercises Every Skier Needs to Know via the Clymb
Note: Yoga and Irish yoga are not at all the same.