Vote for the 2017 Best of Bethel Awards

Each and every year, we task you with voting for the best of the best in Bethel and Newry in the following 25 categories. Who will oust the stalwart winners? Who will remain victorious? Only you can tell us.

Voting is simple: Just head to our poll, fill in the blanks with clear, succinct answers, and hit submit. You can vote as many times as you want, though we discourage area establishments from stuffing the ballot box in their favor. Voting ends on February 23, and results will be announced before the end of February.

As an aside, if you’re voting for best waiter/waitress or bartender, please use their name and the restaurant or bar they represent. We’re not great at guessing who the bearded flannel-wearing man is in a ski town.

With the emergence of so many new restaurants this season, we’ve also added the Best New Kid on the Block award. And the only way to suss out who comes out on top is to visit both the on-mountain and downtown dining scenes and to shop local!

  1. Best Breakfast
  2. Best Cup o’ Joe
  3. Best Lunch Spot
  4. Best Bar–Après Ski
  5. Best Bar–Late Night
  6. Best Beer Selection
  7. Best Bloody Mary
  8. Best Specialty Cocktail
  9. Best Bar Menu
  10. Best Pizza
  11. Best Wings
  12. Best Nachos
  13. Best Burger
  14. Best Place to Splurge on a Meal
  15. Best Cheap Eats
  16. Best Food on the Run
  17. Best Bartender
  18. Best Waiter/Waitress
  19. Best Local Shop
  20. Best First Run of the Day
  21. Best Bump Run
  22. Best Glade
  23. Best (Most Favorite) Peak
  24. Best Spring Deck Scene
  25. Best New Kid on the Block

Happy voting!