Looking Ahead to March

We’ve seen feet – yes feet – of snow in February alone, mixed with some crazy spring-like days, so Team Snow decided to catch up with Sunday River’s forecaster Russ Murley to get the 411 on what this means for the month of March.

With the recent warm weather, should folks be packing up their winter gear in preparation for spring?

Absolutely NOT! There’s still plenty of winter left, and I really like what I’m seeing in the modeling. March historically bring us some very wintry weather – especially the first two to three weeks of the month.



What does the long-range forecast look like for Sunday River?

The extended forecast calls for chilly weather for much of the month. The longer range guidance has been quite assertive on a colder pattern developing late next week and carrying through much of the remainder of the month. Of course, with that colder air can come plenty of snow, and taking some of the long-range models at face value snow lovers should be excited! Now, having said that, keep in mind daily temperatures will creep up steadily in March because a higher sun angle brings longer days (and with it some of the best skiing of the season)!

Historically, is March one of Maine’s snowier months?

March can be one of the snowiest months of the year, and in the mountains, March is normally the second snowiest month of the year. Two of the biggest snow events I have ever witnessed were in March – the March blizzard in 1993 and a huge snow event in Vermont back in 1984 that also fell in the middle of the month!


Any other interesting facts and or tidbits: snow consistency from these predictions, etc.

This has been an “interesting” winter for sure. Our recent February snow blitz was followed by an unusually warm stretch of weather. What makes March so exciting is the fact that the weather models are hinting that we may see a lot of “clippers” – those storms that rapidly sweep out of the Canadian Prairies or Upper Midwest and intensify rapidly when they hit the coast of New England. That’s the same type of setup we had for the most recent blitz of snow, and if there’s one thing I know about the weather, in this part of the world, is that the atmosphere DOES indeed have a memory!