You Write ‘Em. I Read ‘Em.

Wow. I am constantly amazed at all of the love you’veĀ been leaving at my house in the Enchanted Forest.

It warms a yeti’s already big and furry heart to hear from so many kids and families visiting Sunday River! Especially when I’ve gotten to meet so many of you in person at Black Diamond Entertainment events, at our last Eddy the Yeti dinner, and outside of South Ridge Lodge on sunny days.

Hope to see you all on the slopes during this very snowy March!

Eddy the Yeti


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  1. Why is the Mountain Report so late. I would like to see it before I have to leave to drive up there.

    • Hi Jack! We apologize for the inconvenience. In the morning, our patrol team needs time to check certain terrain and to connect with all of the facets of mountain operations before letting us know the scoop for the day. For this reason, we always do an afternoon report the day before which gives our best guess at the conditions and terrain for the following day. Typically, our reports are ready for reading on well before the email goes out by 8:15AM during the week, and 7:30AM on the weekends. Thanks for being a loyal Sunday River guest!

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