The New Spruce Peak Triple

In a matter of days, a crew from Doppelmayr USA, Inc. will arrive at Sunday River to install the new Spruce Peak Triple chairlift in time for the 2017-18 winter season. You can expect to keep up with the progress right here.

Work will kick-off with the construction of tower forms, and by next month we’ll be flying in concrete via a helicopter.

The new Spruce Peak Triple represented by the number 8 lift on Sunday River’s trail map. Sunday River boasts 15 lifts in all.

For background, the new $2.1 million dollar Spruce Peak Triple is a three-passenger fixed grip chairlift. It will be built in the same location as the resort’s original Spruce Peak chairlift and will utilize a conveyor system to help load passengers onto each chair.

Final Color SAA0002783
New Spruce Peak Triple Drive

Spanning 4,184 feet, the new Spruce Peak Triple will rise 1,207 vertical feet from the base of the resort’s Spruce Peak to the summit. One hundred and forty-five chairs will carry up to 1,480 guests per hour at a rate of 500 feet per minute. The chairlift’s modern technology will shorten guest’s ride time by approximately one-third–from 11 minutes to 8 minutes–and provide an overall more comfortable and efficient experience.

Final Color SAA0002783
New Spruce Peak Triple Drive

The last time Sunday River installed a new chairlift was back in 2008 after the resort joined parent company Boyne Resorts. Together they welcomed the addition of Sunday River’s signature Chondola-a part chairlift, part gondola passenger system that whisks guests¬†from the resort’s South Ridge base area to the top of North Peak.

Spring, summer, winter, fall, the part chairlift part gondola Chondola whisks guests from South Ridge to North Peak

Since joining Boyne Resorts in 2008, Sunday River has benefited from over $50 million in capital investments, including the new Spruce Peak Triple and Chondola, as well as yearly snowmaking, grooming, and chairlift enhancements, and renovations to its base lodges and accommodations.  Sunday River is the third largest ski resort in New England with eight interconnected mountain peaks, 15 chairlifts, four lodges, two hotels, one inn, and ski dorm.



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  1. Darcy,
    Why are you not going with a fixed grip quad. Quads seem more popular than triples. The chairs are heavier, thus more resistant to wind sway. A family of four or two couples can fit. If you didn’t want higher capacity, you could use few chairs but keep the same speed.

  2. How come you guys aren’t updating this blog? Up top it says “You can expect to keep up with the progress right here,” but there haven’t been any updates at all. I see photos on Facebook that show parts arriving and now there’s a live video showing blasting.

  3. Ski down to top of Downdraft? That will be great. Does that also mean down to Vortex?

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