The best part of installing a new lift is the helicopters (but blowing things up is a close second.)

This week the team ran the first of two helicopter missions for the new Spruce Peak Triple installation, and it could be described as an exorbitantly expensive way to move concrete.

The machine shown in the photos here spent Tuesday, August 8 carrying concrete from cement trucks staged at the base of the new lift up to foundations for each lift tower plus the top terminal. Each run carries only one cubic yard, but that load weights 4,000 pounds and needs to be dropped into each foundation footing with a pretty high level of precision.

Next up will be the really fun part — flying up and placing the lift towers.  Stay tuned for photos and videos when the team is ready this fall!



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  1. Andrew Rankin 08/09/2017 — 2:12 pm

    After missing the Spruce triple last season, I am really looking forward to being able to get up to American Express and Risky Business this coming season. They are two of my favorites. Wishing you a successful installation experience. And yes, blowing things up is a great experience. I recall my flying A-4Ds in the U.S.Navy and dropping 500 and 1000 pounds bombs in the Nevada desert. Have a great summer. See you in February as I am a member of the Mogul Ski Club in Virginia Beach, VA.

  2. Garry Sansoucie 08/09/2017 — 8:28 pm

    Thanks for the update! Hope you guys are shooting some video??? Would be great to see the progress up close

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